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Convert character to data types


value_convert(x, to = default_convert)

scribe_convert(method = c("default", "evaluate", "none"))



A vector of character values


What to convert x to (see details for more)


The conversion method:

  • TRUE or "default": uses value_convert()

  • "evaluate" executes the string as an expression

  • FALSE or NA does nothing

  • When passed a function, simply returns the function


  • value_convert(): A parsed value from x

  • scribe_convert(): A function that takes a argument x and converts it


to can be one of several values. Firstly the default of default calls several additional functions that attempt to resolve a transformation from a character vector to a different type. It is recommended for users to enter their own specifications instead. Secondly, a function (with a single argument) can be passed which will then be applied directly to x. Third, a prototype value can be passed. This might be risky for special types. Here, the values of mode(), storage.mode(), attributes(), and class() are captured and reassigned from to to x. A special check is implemented for factors to more safely convert. Lastly, NULL will do nothing and will simply return x.


str(value_convert("2023-03-05", as.Date))
#>  Date[1:1], format: "2023-03-05"
value_convert("a", factor(letters))
#> [1] a
#> Levels: a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z