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scribe (development version)

  • ---help, ---version super arguments (scribeSuperArg objects) are now included with scribeCommandArgs. This are objects that (by default) can be called within any scribeCommandArgs and intended to hold additional information about the scribe package. These are not meant to be user accessible.
    • scribeCommandArgs gain a new field, supers; a list of scribeSuperArg objects
    • command_args(super = included) added
    • internal scribe_version_arg() function (used with command_args(include = "verison") and called with --version) is now deprecated. Using ---version now returns the version of scribe
    • internal scribe_help_super() now available via ---help and returns information about scribe ca$get_args(super = TRUE) returns scribeSuerArgs
  • ca$help() printing has been improved
  • corrects issue with ca$parse()
  • ca$get_values(empty, super, included) added to prevent filtering of specific argument types and values
  • internal linting improvements
  • new_arg() now throws a more helpful error when value doesn’t convert to itself
  • arg$show() now denotes if the argument is resolves by display an "R" before the value
  • arg$show() now prints values of class "scribe_empty_value" as <empty>

scribe 0.3.0

CRAN release: 2023-10-21

Breaking changes

  • $convert field now defaults to the newly exported scribe_convert() helper
    • This selects one of three conversions: 1) default (see next bullet), 2) string evaluation, and 3) no conversion.
    • default conversions use value_convert(), which internally uses utils::type.convert() (and some additional steps for dates. Be aware that type.convert("1", = TRUE) will return integers, and a decimal should be included if a numeric is desired (e.g., type.convert("1.", = TRUE)
    • previously, a prototype could be set (e.g., convert = character()), which will now fail but can be replaced with a simple function (e.g., convert = as.character).

Bug fixes

  • convert is no longer ignored when set in scribeArg #70

New features

  • flag action now accepts NA as a default #67

Non-user facing changes

scribe 0.2.0

CRAN release: 2023-05-22


  • --help no longer fails when scribeArg has length(info) > 1 #59

New features

  • execute is a new field for scribeArg where a function can be called #63
  • stop is a new field for scribeArg which controls how further arguments are parsed and allows for early stops #60
  • options() for scribe are now listed in ?scribe documentation and set in .onAttach() #57
  • scribeArgs can now be given a separate scribeArg as a default #54
  • positional arguments now can have default values #52
  • scribeArgs with action = 'flag' now accept default = TRUE #55 and (when option no = TRUE) can also accept NA #67


  • scribeArgs with action = "flag" will now throw an error instead of a warning when default is not logical(1) #68

scribe 0.1.0

CRAN release: 2023-03-13

  • Added a file to track changes to the package.